BYYRTH – Echoes from the Seven Caves of Blood LP


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Following on from their cult debut album, Saviors of Armageddon – which IRON BONEHEAD released on vinyl during the summer of 2017 – here on Echoes From the Seven Caves of Blood do BYYRTH strike a new face for vampiric black metal. Eschewing the withering frivolity and frivolousness of most definitions of anything “vampiric” in regards to black metal, this Californian quartet kick in quickly with a ripped-raw and unrepentantly punkish attack. Blown-out and harshing everyone’s mellow, each iron-fisted anthem marches forward with absolute arrogance and an enviable swagger – not for nothing is the opening track titled “Blood Warfare.”

Indeed, BYYRTH’s vampirism is an indomitable variety, the alpha to everyone else’s omega, and they accomplish their sanguinary goals with an almost militant efficiency: Echoes From the Seven Caves of Blood storms the gates of Heaven in a compact 28 minutes. Suitably, the tracks “Vampiric War Children” and “Abhorrent Eons” feature guest vocals by the incomparable Meyhna’ch of France’s legendary Mütiilation, further underlining the validity to BYYRTH’s vampiric black metal. Stand down now or receive the eternal kiss of death…