Becerus – Homo Homini Brutus LP


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BECERUS’ first grunt is a genuine declaration of love for the 90″s Death Metal scene! Fans of early Cannibal Corps, Broken Hope or Monstrosity will definitely have a boner with this!
Featuring Giorgio from Assumption and Mario from Balatonizer, BECERUS will dive you into a magma of riffs, ignorance and insane growls!
BECERUS have absolutely NO LYRICS!

Becerus is the brand new fetid death metal creature of singer Mario (Balatonizer) and guitarist/bassist Giorgio (Assumption, Morbo, Undead Creep, Haemophagus and more). Mysterious drummer and bone wielder Paul Bicipitus instantly joins the project to make some primitive noise in the common cave.
Their only aim is playing the most vile and decerebrate form of music ever made while worshipping the gross and ungainly figure of the mighty Becer, a disgusting, hostile creature whose muscles, dirty hair and belly instantly scare every living thing crossing his path.
Based in Italy but willing to spread their stench in all the directions, Becerus is about brutal and mortal death metal so, if Broken Hope, Monstrosity, early Cannibal Corpse and Baphomet are your thing, then you’ll be fine with these cavemen.
If you’re looking instead for avantgarde experimentation you probably better go somewhere else.