International Shipping Deals

As you’d expect, shipping is more economical if you’re buying in larger quantities. Below is a guide so you can work out how to budget if you want to place a large order.

To give a rough idea of weight: Five records are approx 2kg, twelve records weigh around 5kg and so on.

The total will be calculated at checkout. If you have a request which doesn’t appear here, then please contact us to figure something out.

For any other queries regarding shipping / customs fees etc, please check out our help page.


If you spend over £100 your shipping is free


Luxembourg, Ireland, Germany, France, Belgium, Netherlands

2kg – 20kg: £20.40

Austria, Denmark, Liechtenstein

2kg – 20kg: £21.60

Czech Republic, Italy, Slovakia, Spain

2kg – 20kg: £26.40

Estonia, Finland, Hungary, Poland, Portugal, Slovenia, Sweden

2kg – 20kg: £26.40

Norway, Switzerland

2kg – 20kg: £32.40

North America


2kg – 5kg: £35


2kg – 7kg: £40

Rest of World

Mexico, South & Central America

5kg – 10kg: £70

Everywhere Else

2kg – 5kg: £25

5kg – 10kg: £50

10kg – 20kg: £60