REVENGE – Scum.Collapse.Eradication LP


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For over a decade, Revenge has persisted in cultivating what is arguably oneof the most confrontational sounds in the metal underground. Immediate,controlled and utterly violent, their work stands alone in the depth of itshostility and refusal to follow trends. On their earliest releases, Revengeestablished a particular sound and general approach to their music thatreleased itself as a cacophonous flood of manic aggression. Their music hascontinued to evolve through the years, however, and the release of 2008’s“Infiltration.Downfall.Death” saw the band expand its approach to utilize awider variety of song structures and recording techniques to strengthen itsmusical assault. Their new album, “Scum.Collapse.Eradication” continues inthis vein, with further development in the way the songs are presentedaugmenting the extremity of the violent chaotic architecture that Revengecreated with their previous output. While Revenge still predominantly reliesupon the relentless blasting fury for which they have always been revered,this album, like the last, is punctuated by moments of mid paced sectionshammering down into doom ridden bulldozer riffs showing the band striking aperfect balance between genocidal annihilation and individualized slowpainful crushing destruction. Additionally, the raw and chaotic productionthat Revenge utilized on much of their earlier work has been wisely expandedupon just enough to reveal the full spectrum of the instrumentation. Whilemaintaining a very strict dedication to the original sound, aesthetic andstructure that has been the foundation of the band since the very beginning.These strategic adaptations have made the songs even more potent and to thepoint. The elite, strengthen themselves, and leave the weak behind, and thisis precisely the approach that Revenge has taken with this new release. Asusual, Revenge’s sound is caustic with the obsessive fury of J. Read’sinsane percussive assault and rabid, spiteful vocals. While long timesession member Vermin offers a thick and grinding guitar and bass attackbeyond anything heard on the bands previous albums. Consumed with contempt,Revenge continue to press forward walking alone above the weak scum withabsolute disregard for all who question their approach. This militantdoctrine defines all of Revenge’s work, but it is most prominent on this,their fourth album. All unnecessary elements have been stripped anddiscarded leaving only the most effective weapons in the Revenge arsenalwith which to continue down the supremacist path of undying intolerance forthe swine known as mankind.