WORMRIDDEN – Festering Glorification 7” (BLACK)


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Are you obsessively fond of suffocating filthiness and extreme rottenness? Then there is no need to look further. Newcomers are neither welcomed nor needed to provide a dose of rancid death metal spawned in vomits, when such connoisseurs in the field of sonic murder have already entered the scene. And you can bet your life that theirs is not a vision for everybody’s stomach …. Wormridden are like a slow torturing cloak of worms, crawling along the paleness and gaunt waxen colour of a corpse’s frozen dermis when they are gloating over their doomier parts. But they are also savagely brutal like an unorthodox tool, hammering and crushing bones and grinding soft tissue while on their death metal excessiveness. Wormridden are not old school per se, but native instigators of the morally unacceptable. Overkill distortion with a total lack of subtleties, plus over-the-top visual and sound molestation, is what everybody should expect of this fatal feast of putridness and decay.