WARCRY – Trilogy of Terror (Demo 1982) 7”


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Sold Out



(PIC DISC version limited to 500 copies w/insert, housed in sturdy PVC overbag with flap) Obviously, many will focus on the fact that WAR CRY is both Paul Speckmann, here solely on bass, and drummer Bill Schmidt first ‘proper’ band, before the pair decided to go rogue in 1984, start their own band the following and, under the ‘MASTER’ banner create death-metal in the process. But on its own, WAR CRY was a heavy-metal force to be reckoned with. Clearly influenced by not only the mighty BLACK SABBATH but also the then still vibrant NWOBHM scene in general and its heavier bands in particular, such as ANGEL WITCH and WITCHFINDER GENERAL, they ruled the Chicago underground heavy-metal scene in 1983 and 1984 and ‘Trilogy Of Terror’, their first demo recorded in a tiny studio in Lynwood, Illinois for only 500 dollars, is their most revered and well-known legacy, as after Speckmann and Schmidt departed in mid-84, the band followed a lighter and more mainstream direction before called it quits one year later. With songtitles leaving little doubt about their content (“The Executioner”, “Wicked Warlock”) and a pair of truly gifted guitarists Steve Ahlers and Marty Fitzgerald already trading licks and solos like seasoned veterans, those three songs (plus an intro) are real gems full of denim and leather. A priceless document of mid-80s heavy-metal thunder whose final song and classic “Forbidden Evil” would few months later be re-recorded in order to appear on the fouth volume of the legendary ‘Metal Massacre’ compilation series along the lines of TROUBLE, LIZZY BORDEN and ABATTOIR. Now repressed for the first time on vinyl on its own and fully sanctioned by Paul Speckmann himself, this is your occasion to own a piece of US metal history.