VOMITOR – The Escalation LP


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The beast of Sodom and the bastard child the true 80s metal spirit that is known as VOMITOR has its third album, ‘The Escalation’ released through Invictus! A journey through the pits of nightmare to the Salem Witches Grave to witness the horrors of black earth, ‘The Escalation’ is the epitome of utterly hideous death metal filth. Adding to an already stellar line up the witchery that is Horror Illogium of Portal fame adds an extra dimension of the twisted and torturous to the VOMITOR sound! Featuring all new tracks with riffs going back as far as the late 80s spilling forth from the warped mind of Death Dealer, ‘The Escalation’ is sure to be one of the most maniacal death metal albums of 2012! – 350g Jacket With Chrome Embossing & Lamination On Front & Back – 140g Vinyl – 4 Pages Booklet Printed On 250g Art Paper Gloss – Limited To 1000 Copies