VOID TERROR – Soul Harvest 7”


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Every once in a while a new contender emerges to challenge the champions of the past… Void Terror are that rare beast. A cold breath of hell from the ancient crypts of Kentucky, this is the most ferociously fully-formed debut of 2017 – now available on 7″ vinyl.

Sloughing forth with an absolutely festering sense of despair, Void Terror thread a fine line between old school guttural death in the early ’90s American tradition and serpentine occult magick reminiscent of a more contemporary approach.

Imperious confidence informs their sound with a willingness to strip songs back to the core, a dark essence of purity glaring with the black light of death. At each terrifying juncture, fresh horrors await. The blade takes your soul; bow down in reverence and worship at this gore-ridden altar of carnage.