V/A – Underground Never Dies


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(gatefold with printed insert / limited to 350 copies)It’s one thing to celebrate the spirit of ancient metal from the 80s as Andrés Padilla did with his massive Underground Never Dies! book, but is there a better way to pay tribute to those who fought on those forsaken battlefields than to gather the cream of the crop on one platter and crank the volume to eleven?!Remember Death Metal, Speed Kills or Grindcrusher?! Those early sampler compilations gave many future giants early exposure but also gave the fans a first glance at how diverse and dynamic the metal scene was back in the day. The accompanying compilation to the Underground Never Dies! book has a different goal: if to those who discovered extreme metal through Facebook or Hot Topic- these band names mean nothing, the real diehards on the other hand will savor finding for the first time such revered acts as INCUBUS, NECROVORE, INVOCATOR or DR SHRINKER. Hailing from Denmark, Australia, Canada, Germany, Chile, the USA and France, these bands share the same burning passion for a metal that was raw, unbridled and vicious. Featuring only rare demo tracks recorded in the second half of the 80s and ranging from thrash (ARMOROS), proto-black metal (SLAUGHTER LORD, POISON) to classic death metal (INCUBUS) and even black/death (NECROVORE), this is THE sound of the underground as it was almost a quarter of a century ago. Available either as part of a deluxe box set that includes the book or as a separate musical release, the LP version contains twelve tracks of underground metal where the MC and CD version add another eleven killer tracks by FATAL, MACERATION and PHANTASM ejected from the obscurity where they dwelled for decades. Can you hear the roar of the underground, raging as if there were no tomorrow?01 – Incubus – Engulfed02 – Slaughter Lord – Taste of Blood 03 – Mutilated – Hysterical Corpse Dislocation04 – Dr Shrinker- Cerebral Seizure05 – Aftermath – When will you die06 – Exmortis – Beyond The Realms Of Madness07 – Necrovore – Mutilated Death08 – Sadism – Psychomental Storm09 – Invocator – The Persistence From Memorial Chasm10 – Armoros – Euphoria11 – Poison – Black Death12 – Mental Decay – The Final Scar