V8 – Un Paso Mas en la Batalla LP


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Sold Out



180-gram vinyl; limited to 500 copies. Between August and September of 1984, the Argentine band V8 entered the studio to record their much-anticipated follow-up to their mighty debut, Luchando por el Metal, the first metal album released in Argentina. This second album was the consecration for the band; their fans were already thousands but they got more and more recognition with this new LP. The band’s reputation grew, partly by virtue of their lyrics, which reflected the dictatorship of the time and the pain and frustration of the whole society, and partly due to their commitment to play everywhere they could. The new songs were still fast and direct, and a little better played than the previous album’s, so this album helped them to gain a cult status in their country and the rest of the metal world. This is the first vinyl reissue of this seminal album of South American metal. Replica cover art and insert.