UNDERGANG – Som Til Din Ligkiste 7” (BLACK VINYL)


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Few torturous tools do inflict as much damage, tearing tissue and flesh so generously and even breaking bones accurately, like the slits and incisions of of a double edge sharpened blade. Just in case that the weapon is rusty and roughly jagged because of a heavy and continuous use in the field of misdeeds, the crime scene will offer a baroque shoot. The develop of the images from film to photographic paper will show the emphasised contrast between black and white tones, being the darkest of them all the predominant ones replacing the red of blood violently splashed all around. From thick unclean strokes to diffuse sprayed minuscule drops, topped and daubed with splinters of skin, guts and chopped vital organs. Undoubtedly a coordinated action among the chaotic collaboration of two forms of killing: the immediate and straight attack of a two and half minutes of frenziness in the tradition of the main suspect (tentatively known among the criminalistic circles, as the Undergang on its most primitive and rude style) and the expanded recreational barbarity, of a more uncommon (yet not unknown at all) usual modus operandi, with dedicated and painstaking length and variety, as the opposite smeared dripping edge of the blade, as the reverse side of the same coin: slightly different, but bound to the fondness for the art of murdering and the fatal destiny of them, defenceless victims. This is a split release with DARK DESCENT , USA customers please go to: http://www.darkdescentrecords.com