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Chained in conservationism as a strict principle, Sacrificio rises the banners and standards of the first Black Metal generation resounding fluency and effectiveness, with the basic slaying riffing of early Deathrash legends, from the outrageous substrate of the South American Cone. They vociferate the sullenness and the vigour of their lyrics sung on Spanish as their mother language (evoking the same feeling of uniqueness of the old bands from the most unexpected and darkest latitudes like Colombia, Brazil, Czechoslovakia, Hungary…), spawning a looming ruination of marginal row, cloaked by a rumbling atmosphere as a pandemonium of dantesque splendour. Blaspheming on such ways on ablution of blood and remains from tube distortion and tape compression, it derives on a sound which inhabits the opposed shore of the archetypical in terms of production today. Its sound, evolves and destroys in the same way like the oppressive circumstances and environment of the very first Death Metal demo recordings.