NECROMANIAC – Morbid Metal DEMO (re-press)


Despite that Me Saco Un Ojo Records follows the trail of new talented bands on the darkest corners of the undergound, this time we did not have to go that far to cross our path with an act to make our skin crawl. London based NECROMANIAC, stick chest out with one the most solid and impressive debut demos we have listened in years. These first tunes to be released shortly by yours truly on cassette format, has brought us back almost automatically, to the old god days: both quality and sounding wise. Fluent early black death metal loaded and studded with an abundant riffing hecatomb, reminiscent of the early teutonic thrash godfathers. We should emphasise their painstakingly and sharp compositions as their main strenght on a way that captivates the atention and makes them worth of all praise.

Sold Out

Sold out



“Morbid Metal” repress with slightly different layout .