MORTA SKULD – Becoming one flesh – The demos LP (Restock)


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Morta Skuld from Milwaukee made a name for themselves with a sequence of albums on Peaceville in the early 90’s. Prior to their debut album “Dying remains” they released 2 demos in 1990: “Gory departure” and “Prolong the agony”: heavy, pounding, classic US old school death metal, nothing to envy to classic names like OBITUARY, MASSACRE, BAPHOMET, MONSTROSITY, BRUTALITY… Both demos have been re-issued on Cd by Relapse in 2011 and for the first time they here see the light on vinyl. 500 copies, 100 of them on bone vinyl. All copies coming with A2 poster, jacket on 350 grams cardboard, 250 grams cardboard insert, outer plastic bag.