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MASTER – Human Machine LP


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Released on April 2010 on Singapore’s Pulverised Records under CD format, ‘The Human Machine’ marked off MASTER’s long-awaited triumphant return. Not that the respectable figure that had become Paul Speckmann had been sitting and doing nothing over the years… Far from it actually: after relocating from the US to Czech republic in 2000, the now 47 year old veteran proceeded to build from scratch once again one of death-metal’s longest standing institutions, staying away from any commercial and trendy consideration. And after a string of three solid albums – ‘The Spirit Of The West’, ‘Four More Years Of Terror’and ‘Slaves To Society’ – his tenth full-length ‘The Human Machine’ has just confirmed that he has lost none of his venom. Despite being recorded, mixed and mastered in only six (!) days, ‘The Human Machine’ is not only boosted by one of their best productions in years and turbo-charged riffs that could have easily been lifted from any of the band’s glorious past albums, but it’s ten songs make no secret what they’re all about, enhanced by Eliran Kantor’s unequivocal brutal artwork. After the title-track hits in the face with a shotgun blast, “Twisted Truth” or “Suppress Free Thinking” are just some of Speckmann’s most vicious lyrical attacks on a society “infected by governments and where people cannot think for themselves anymore” as he puts it with a grin. Whether you’d agree with him or not is of course up to you but one thing is sure, MASTER has rarely sounded so pissed off and ready to bite the hand that tries to feed him. So fuck the rules, join the revolution and listen to ‘The Human Machine’ at maximum volume before it’s too late and you’re brainwashed by our corrupted leaders…