FACELESS BURIAL – Grotesque Miscreation CD


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Originally released digitally and on limited-edition vinyl during the autumn of 2017, Grotesque Miscreation largely introduced FACELESS BURIAL to the worldwide underground following a debut demo in 2015. Hailing from Melbourne, Australia, FACELESS BURIAL are a power trio of unimaginable death metal might. Theirs is an unremittingly dark and dexterous sound which draws in a variety of death metal traditions: the gooey grind of early ’90s Finland, the spiraling surge of classic Tampa, the bazooka-blown fury of old Brazil, the atonal angularity ushered in by Immolation, and the cacophonous caverns traveled by Incantation.

And yet, with this wealth of influence and a heaving foundation on which to stand, FACELESS BURIAL exude a charisma all their own. Largely, it comes down to the songwriting itself; forever twisting and never stagnating, each song reveals new corridors through which to spelunk, and efficiently. It’s not so much a restless blast through scattershot ideas as it is an endlessly malforming entity making rude shapes – truly, a Grotesque Miscreation. And that’s to say nothing of the utterly powerful production, which is both death metal classicism to a T and an absolutely skillful balance between clear ‘n’ cutting and murky ‘n’ malodorous