DUNGEON – Purifying Fire MLP


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Enter the traitor’s gate, scum! Dungeon’s debut MLP goes straight for the throat, the London metallions pillaging elements from speed, death and traditional heavy metal to build a pyre that burns with righteous indignation. These six tracks display a classical education, paying dues to the masters of previous eras without ever straying into cheap pastiche, meanwhile retaining a puritanical might.

With more hooks than a butcher’s basement and a distinct lack of compromise, Dungeon respect the power of the riff. These songs have been forged in the flames of damnation and hammered into finely wrought weapons of conquest, bringing to mind undisputed heavyweights D666 and Nifelheim. Much like those acts, there is a presence, a rawness, an energy to Dungeon which demands obeisance. This opening salvo is merely a warning shot…the pure ambition and epic stature displayed on Purifying Fire reveals a storm on the horizon. Don your armour…prepare for spectral blitz.

Purifying Fire by Dungeon