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DISKORD – Dystopics released LP


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While every offering from Norway’s Diskord is bursting at the seams with twisted and outlandish creativity, Dystopics” takes the meaning of “obscure” to entirely new levels. Right from the first tones of the opening track “Entropic Death” the death metal connoisseur is treated to riffs so nerve-wreckingly old school and exquisite one would think the tunes were tested in some death metal lab to ensure maximum rapture. Add to that the vintage sound and “Dystopics” is up there with the old school classics. Loosening neck muscles is all well and good but Diskord is a band that aims to thoroughly fracture the mind behind the convulsing body. The pace is sometimes surprising, and the songs are totally eccentric in their exploratory rendering of death metal. That means expert use of doomy sludge, blast beats and everything in between. The mind-twisting structures and ravening brutality of songs like “Overseer” amount to a blunt but sophisticated emotional blitz. The alienating lyrics target and dissect those urges that are left simmering in the back of your brain, -even after a death metal gig. Once heard there is absolutely no place to seek comfort from the twelve tracks on “Dystopics”. An album made possible only by die-hard death metal ethics and an equally die-hard drive to rip the vulnerable sanity from the screaming mind of humanity.” (description by Bjørnar Hagen)