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Death metal pioneer Disgrace’s last stab at underground brutality before turning to rock’n’roll was to be their 2nd album “Vol.2”, also known as “Black Lizard’s Cry”. Fate had other plans, however, and their record label manager at the time decided to vanish, taking the original master tapes with him. Some of these songs later appeared on the subsequent Disgrace release, but as more or less different rerecordings. A year ago the original band members located a couple of well-preserved tape copies they took of the original master at the time, so with the help of modern cutting edge technology an arduous restoration process was to take place. This is the stuff of death metal legends, a mythical lost treasure up there with such lost classics as “Smile” by the Beach Boys. Audio magician Pentti Dassum restored the album from the band’s personal archive copies, found by accident some time ago. You can hear faint echoes of things to come in these nine tracks, but the album’s still far from rock’n’roll with its rough, throaty vocal delivery and Black Sabbath -style riffing that’s heavier than life.