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CHARLES MANSON – 12 Canciones Compuestas y Cantadas por Charles Manson LP


Killer repro of the ultra-rare Spanish version of Charles Manson's earliest recordings (it has also been released with the title Lie, the Love and Terror Cult). Registered in 1967 and originally published in 1970 (1971 in Spain), it was released in order to help and fund his defense, only to meet total rejection from the underground scene of the era. At the time only 300 copies were sold from the initial pressing of 2000. This record is the epitome of all damned, cult, unsettling LPs, accompanied by various members of the infamous family, Manson's music ranges from folk to psychedelia to plain creepy weirdness 12 Canciones Compuestas Y Cantadas Por Charles Manson stands on its own as an spine-chilling ride through the mind of one of histories most vilified criminals; the undertaker of the hippie era. Songs from this album have been covered by the likes of G.G. Allin, The Lemonheads, Guns n Roses and the Beach Boys, to name a few. Presented here in a luxurious gatefold is a careful reproduction of the original Spanish release, published only one year after the original US pressing, during the Franco dictatorship, making it an even weirder release. Only 300 copies in gatefold cover.

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