CENTINEX – Teutonische Invasion 7”


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Dead, buried but not forgotten. CENTINEX may have officially split in 2006 with both DEMONICAL and INTERMENT kind of carrying out its legacy but the recent LP reissues of ‘Subconscious Lobotomy’ (The Crypt) or ‘Malleus Maleficarum’ (Night Of The Living Vinyl) alone is a vivid proof the memory of this great Swedish death-metal warrior lives on. And DOOMENTIA is proud to add this cool item to its mausoleum… In case you were wondering and in case that cover (remember ‘Persecution Mania’?) and title didn’t give the word away just yet, yes, this posthumous 7 inches includes two very special cover songs: SODOM’s “Enchanted Land” and KREATOR’s “Ripping Corpse”. Funny enough, those two covers had been recorded by the same classic line-up yet eighteen months apart and they sound quite different to say the least… If the former was initially recorded in late 2000 yet made only available three years through a split 7 inches shared with NUNSLAUGHTER aptly called ‘Hail Germania’, the later was committed to tape in march ‘99 and released first through a Tribute to Kreator’ album by Fullmoon Productions, before being added as a bonus track to the CD re-release of ‘Malleus Maleficarum’ in 2003. Yet it makes here its first apparition on wax. Finally available again and working as a fitting tribute to both the classic sound of the German thrash metal scene of the 80’s and CENTINEX, ‘Teutonischen Invasion’ is for true maniacs only!