BINAH – Hallucinating in Resurrecture – Limited Edition Cassette


Containing ten cuts of morbid, putrid and crepuscular Death Metal carved in the style of the old masters yet given an eerie twist, this release finally receives full underground consecration through its embodiment onto cassette format.

This cacophony of howlings from beyond is thus trapped on dark-blue tape, with a double-sided, three-panel insert that includes the original artwork and full lyrics. Each copy is accompanied by a bag containing a handful of graveyard earth collected in the throes of summer 2013 from Hanwell cemetery, in the outskirts of London, and which has been kept sealed especially for this release. Each copy also comes with a numbered certificate

This is a limited run of 70 tapes, available to Death Metal maniacs who wish to enjoy this slice of damp, ceremonial Death in the ultimate old-school format.

Sold Out

Sold Out

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