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I guess myself and Alkerdeel have been with each other since the beginning really; since I was just starting the label seriously and when I first heard their debut demo, the masterpiece of lofi filth that is/was “Luizig”. This – their second full-length album proper – is what that first tape hinted at, and follows on from De Speensalvinge as their most fully-formed and best-realised record to date. This was recorded entirely live which gives a really raw, urgent and intense feeling to the whole thing that is unique to this record. It kinda sounds like there was some sort of nuclear armageddon and the band found themselves locked in a rehearsal room with no food and thought “fuck it, we may as well just play until the air runs out and we die”. The now-familiar Alkerdeel sound is there: feedback; lurching doom riffs; Panzerfaust played at half-speed; unsettling dark passages of nothing, punctuated with blasts of black metal panic, almost there as if to give you a jolt from the preceding grinding nausea. It’s a tough listen!