ABIGAIL / HELL’S BOMBER – Alcohol, Sluts & Satan til Death 7”


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Sold Out



If you need any introduction to ABIGAIL, you’re at the wrong place baby! See, twenty years of rocking and fucking (and counting!) haven’t lowered Yusuyuki Suzuki insatiable lust for cheap beers, dirty women and headbanging mania. Inspired by early SODOM, NME, BULLDOZER and MOTÖRHEAD, the man may have put out more splits so far than most of the bands combined in their whole career, he simply doesn’t give a fuck! On the A side of this new split, “Rock n’Roll Sluts” is just the last in line of many songs he’s penned about, well, women and rock n’roll (duh!) and it just shows – as if one needed that! – that he’s lost none of his fucking touch! Having already shared diverse pieces of wax with such dangerous outlaws wearing a torn KREATOR t-shirts as MIDNIGHT, BARBATOS, FASTKILL or NEKROMANTHEON, you can trust Yusuyuki not to team up with wimps. So do not fear: although it is their first official release after only a rehearsal tape last year, Croatia’s HELL’S BOMBER, represented here by two blistering tracks as ungracious and rude as possible, share the exact same spirit, drink the same shitty alcohol and fuck the same sluts. With such high-calibre split as this one, rock n’roll will truly never die!