Vital Vinyl Vlog: Early Death – The Bleakest Force

Our friend Adam, probably one of the most sincere and passionate of the metal vloggers that we’re aware of, just recorded another great review, this time he gives us his take on the Early Death demo.
There are only a handful of copies left, the MLP and CD version should be ready between May-June via MSUO and Dark Descent Records.

“This time, Early Death invaded my ghetto blaster and into my heart with this killer 16 minute Blackened Thrashing Death Metal EP, The Bleakest Force. Now if you’re a fan of Dark Angel, Nifelheim, early Slayer & Possessed… prepare to be decimated by self headbanging inflicted wounds this release is very thrashy, awesome and Evil Like A Knife!!
So dive into some, Early Death – The Bleakest Force and hopefully you’ll enjoy this as much as I do I can’t stop replaying this tape!!! Killer Stuff!!!”