Sheidim 7”

An implosion of unhinged animosity makes life so unbearable. A felling of fatal sectarianism conspired with no indulgence, allocates a void for spiritual assassination and unbounded chaos, where the mind follows the instinct ominously and reason is defeated and death wounded.

Sheidim signing for Me Saco Un Ojo is one of those incorporations to the roster of the label, that expands and festoons our compromise with authenticity and self courage The grandiose failing cupola of their debut 7″ EP, is meant to stress their ambition through an abrasion of their deconstructive meltdown metal morbidity, and their nightmarish oneiric riff and solo carnage. A maniacal inferno juxtaposed to the atmospheric trembling background that almost as morbid operettas, obligates any potential interested ones to assume the consequences of facing not an easy to categorize, not the ordinary, not the daily newcomer act. Every once in a while, something out of the unusual and the mundane, threats and warns about its thirst and hunger. Sings are already there, for those with the right eyes and ears to interprete.

Listen to the advanced track: