INSANER “Ignorancia Y Decadencia” DEMO REH from 1988 on 7”


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old thrash death metal band from the meanest city in southamerica LIMA – PERU , it is out finally after a huge delay of 5 months.i dont have to tell you that i have gone through some bullshit for the last months that have preclude me from releasing this jewel of the southamerican underground but finally this 4 tracks of mayhem speed aggression and hatred are out pressed on elegant black vinyl for all the freaks to adore.when you listen to this slab of sonic aggression please let your mind float towards a time and place when and where metal was lived with passion and conviction knowing that a band would never go anywhere but still fighting the metal fight trying to stablish the superiority of this style over poserish shit that was around at the time. picture this, a rehearsal room with dim lights extreamly hot and small with almost no place their instruments, air or oxygen but full of smoke of cigarrettes and smelling of cheap alcohol. the band would practice here at BETO LOCUTOR’S rehearsal room and try to craft their arts into tape. playing endless hours ,practicing these songs , arrenging vocal patterns and so on and so forth. after the rehearsal sessions the band would go on and proceed to the respective alcohol rituals of the night in certain corners of a city that is not for the week. Street walkers would abound ,police pigs and army patrols would be scanning the streets but metal death thrashers would still get together and shared their love for this type of music with no concerns or worries on whatever else was happening at the time (and beleive you me there was a lotta shit going on back then). All this was taken place in the beloved city of LIMA capital of PERU. so when you order this vinyl please think about this for a second , you are not only getting another piece of vinyl for you collection ,you are getting part of history of a scene , and history in the lives of 4 young guys trying to make it in all aspects of their life where metal was the most important factor in their heart. this 7” vinyl is for those who can appreciate the real escense of the southamerican thrash death terror and so this is for you !!!